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Game Pad

 USB Game Pad with Turbo Function



 1. System Requirements PC and Compatible machine USB Port 133MHz CPU or above 16MB RAM or above Windows XP/VISTA/7 Direct X 7.0 or above/8(32 Bit) 2. Joystick Special Function: First: Continuous Function: (TURBO) Installation: press certain motion key or more motion keys. Click TURBO, so proper motion keys have more quick and continuous function speed than before (strike the motion keys once; it will continuously give out motions.) Deletion: Click installed motion keys which have more quick speed function. Press CLEAR again, so delete turbo function. Second: Automatic Function (AUTO) Installation: Automatic Function (AUTO). Press certain or more motion keys, press AUTO, so proper motion keys have automatic function. Deletion: Press the motion keys that have installed and have automatic function, press CLEAR again, so delete Automatic function. 3. Digital and Analog mode select Digital: Connected to USB port in computer. This is a digital mode and the mode light out. Then you can use the directional press to control direction. Analog: Press ANALOG, the mode light on, then it's in Analog mode. You can use directional press and the joystick to control direction. Its gaming easily.