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Laptop Kit

Laptop Kit Combo Pack - Wireless Mouse, Cleaning Kit, USB Hub, Keyboard Protector,Screen Protector, Headset, Card Reader, Mouse Pad.



ring home the "Laptop kit", which is inclusive of USB Mouse, Cleaning Kit, USB Hub, Keyboard Protector,screen protector,headset,card reader,mouse pad. The 4-port high-speed USB hub can be connected easily to the laptops USB ports and allows an extension to connect around 4 USB devices at a time to the Laptop. The Laptop monitor screen cleaning kit includes an advanced, non-abrasive cleaning liquid that is completely safe to be used on LCD screen. The optical mouse features the optical technology giving speed, accuracy and reliability in navigation. The reusable and washable laptop keyboard protector film is transparent, comfortable and compatible to be used with all brands of laptop/notebook.